Gorgeous Constantia Glen Wine Estate Review

Written by Sabine Palfi, I Love Foodies
Article Date: July 2022

The thing about Cape Town is that there’s always something new to explore. Well, usually, it’s not new – it’s something that’s been there for ages, but you just haven’t experienced it yet!

I have lived in Cape Town for a gazillion years, but I always discover and explore new things. Yay, Cape Town!

One such place is Constantia Glen in the Constantia Wine Valley, which I recently had the chance to visit.

What is Constantia Glen?

First registered in 1813, this 60-hectare farm on rather tricky terrain struggled to find its purpose. It also struggled to hold onto its owners until, finally, in 1960, it was purchased by the Waibel family – who still own it.

But its true purpose?

That only started to unfold when vines were planted in the 2000s. And then, in 2005, when the first wine was produced at Constantia Glen, this piece of land finally found what it was best at!

To say that wine is the only good thing about Constantia Glen would be an insult to this beautiful and serene estate. It’s also stunningly scenic, tranquil, and gorgeous.

Oh, and it also has a fantastic restaurant with even more amazing food – which is what our I Love Foodies adventure was all about!