Kristi Lowe

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The rising pop-star and songwriter from Cape Town, South Africa. Kristi has had a passion for music from a very young age. Her music career took off at the tender age of fifteen, when her first single, in collaboration with Goodluck, saw huge success due to its powerful message and the campaign behind it – a fight to save the life of her sister, Jenna Lowe.

In the aftermath of her sister’s passing, Kristi stepped back to heal and process the loss and trauma of a deeply challenging time. It was a few years later during lockdown that she reignited her passion for music and writing. Channelling her emotions into the heartfelt single ‘Take Me Away,’ Kristi laid bare the pain of loss and her journey towards healing.

From the creation of ‘Take Me Away,’ Kristi’s musical voyage has unfolded with an unwavering determination. Collaborating with fellow artists and producers across South Africa, and performing shows both locally and abroad. Kristi Lowe has forged ahead, establishing herself as an artist who believes in the immense power of music.